Portable solar system 1000W/1500W

Excellent performance because of double CPU intelligent control technology;
● A wide range of applicable loads because of pure sine wave AC output
● The mains supply mode/energy-saving mode/battery mode can be set for flexible
● Convenient and practical 5VDC-USB output port and 12VDC output port;
● Digital LCD and LEDs for visualization of operation status of the equipment
●Overcharge protection and over discharge protection for a longer battery life;;
● Safe and reliable with intelligent exhaust fan control
●Overall automatic protection and alarms including AC output overload protection. short circuit protection. etc.

Portable solar system

2–AC Output (Max. 10A)
3–AC Input:
4–Solar:Solar module input terminals
5–Battery:External battery input terminals(selectable)
6–Battery Switch:built-in battery switch
7–RS232communication port
8–Model stickers
9–Heat dissipation window