Oysta – Mytraq

The MyTraQ Mobile Safety Software is developed to easily connect third party mobile phones with integrated GPS to the Oysta platform. MyTraQ can be easily (pre-) installed on any suitable device. Using MyTraQ allows you to set up safety zones, and track and trace the device.

MyTraQ has been exclusively developed by Oysta and uses proprietary protocols. It will only operate in conjunction with the Oysta service. You can use the Oysta service via the ‘out of the box’ web solution or through an API.

MyTraQ primarily transmits its location to the Oysta service using GPRS but can fall back on text messaging when in areas of poor GPRS coverage. As MyTraQ uses existing GSM networks, it will operate in most parts of the world.


Track & Trace VIA GPS
Fixed time reporting
Power on/off alerts
One Touch SOS-button
Position by button
Low battery alerts

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